What is a Guardian?

Each living being has a right to Sovereignty, to the opportunity to give their deepest Gift, to fulfill their personal Destiny. Life can be challenging, a gauntlet of perceived obstacles, unforseen relationship dynamics, personal doubts and fears.

Yet into this tangled mirage come lessons, insights, and bursts of greater awareness. While this journey is always driven from within ourselves, and our deepest sense of Who We Are, there are those who arrive in Service to this self-reflection and growth, guides of our Evolution and True Purpose. These are Guardians.

Shoulders and Giants by Cameron Grey

Our Dedication, Our Service

The Birth of a Star by Michael Divine

Guardians recognize that we all are part of a collective field that is constantly learning about itself, and each of us have an essential role in manifesting the well-being of all Life. Through the Journey of facing their own deepest fears, embracing their personal Shadows with Love, they come to see that All people can reach their highest potential. Through teamwork and the support of their Alliance, they discover that each of us also has the Gift to help others.

We can each stand as a pillar, a guiding light of compassion and love, respect and justice, peace and honor, joy and truth. Through our dedication, we create the Resonance that enables others to feel what it feels like to Shine. We are protectors of the Right of All Beings to live out their personal Destiny.


This is our Service.

How can I become a Guardian?

You are reading this because you know that you have this Gift. You may feel anxious at the thought of what this may mean in your life, and that is perfect. It’s okay.

The Truth is that you are here for a reason. You have Purpose. You are Destined to give your Greatest Gift. You Will. Thank you! Yes.

It’s time to cultivate your Skills. You know that you have many innate abilities, and that if honed, you could be Heroic. While you may have resisted this Path, perhaps out of fear of it’s difficulty, doubt of your discipline, or concern for it’s capacity to provide for your lifestyle, it’s time to let go of the stories you’ve been told. You have a Story of your own. This is your Mythic Journey, and no one else can take it for you, or from you.

There are those of us who are here to support You. We are dedicated to the awakening of each individual, and to their embodiment of their Purpose. We are Aligned in this Mission of Serving the Greatest Good, the Deepest Love, the Highest Truth. We are Aligned with You.

Solar Citadel by George Atherton

The Pathways to Mastery

Sacred Mirror by Krystleyes

We provide these courses as Pathways to help you identify your strongest places of resonance, the archetypes which represent your personal harmonic of Purpose in the World. Yet we also encourage you to face those aspects of yourself that may lie dormant, sleeping Dragons awaiting your beckoning to come Forth. Through traveling the Circle of All Paths, you will both strengthen your capacity in whatever it is that you are here to accomplish, and you shall also develop Mastery.

Mastery is achieved when one understands that all things, all ways, all cultures, and all paths hold innate Wisdom for that which is our own Way, our own personal Path. A Master Swordsman may relate every nuance of Life to the way the forge burns, the sword is tempered, the metal hardens, and the blade flows. A Master Fisherman sees the lessons of the Sea in the waves of emotion, the storms of life’s changes, and the trust of a sturdy sail and steady wind. A Master Carpenter secures each structure in life, choosing materials wisely, anchoring an architecture.

Through understanding our differences, and experiencing the full spectrum of life, we come to an awareness of the shining rainbow of light that is our own personal symphony of frequency. This is our Song of Life. All our seeking, for wealth, for recognition, for honor, for glory, for love…it is all actually part of the search for our personal Song. When we can identify this Song within, and we dedicate our lives to Singing it, we experience Miracles. We experience Heaven.

Facing Fear

What may become most surprising, is that our apparent resistance is only our own fear of receiving everything we ever wanted. What is most astounding, is that at times we think that if we were to accomplish all our goals, and fulfill our Destiny, that we might cease to have a reason to exist…

Ah, but what is most awe-inspiring, is that we will Continue. In fact, through going forth to Achieve our deepest Purpose, we learn that it Evolves as we do. And what is most relieving, is that you are already on the Path to accomplishing your Dreams, and that continuing to succeed is simply a Choice you can make right now.

New Pioneers by Mark Henson

This is the Journey…

Banner of Water
  • Will you accept your Mission in Life?
  • Can you allow yourself to be the Hero?
  • Are you willing to Trust Yourself?
  • Can you Forgive yourself for doubting?
  • Will you choose to Be Yourself Now?
  • Can you accept all that You Are?
  • Are you ready to Love Yourself?

Sit with these questions. Read them slowly, and feel into them deeply. Where are you strong? Where do you feel uncertain?

Relax, it’s okay that you may not be sure about all these questions. That’s why you’re here. Together, we can discover the way to empower ourselves. Honesty and integrity is the first step…

This is the Journey of the Guardian Of Destiny.

This is your Journey.

Welcome to the
Guardian Alliance.


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